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Do you provide a warranty with the home?

Yes, we provide a 1 year builder's warranty for the house and a 10 year structural warranty from the Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association.


Does your company handle remodeling or additions?

Yes, we are available for remodeling or additions.

What standard features are included in the home?

Please see our standard features page located on this web site for a list of basic features included in your home. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does lot preparation entail and how much will it cost me?

Lot preparation includes

The clearing, filling, compaction, of the Lot

A stem wall, if required

Underground electric,if desired

The septic tank

Sewer hook up

The water supply

Impact fees

These costs will vary depending on the elevation of your lot, the availability of water, the type of septic required (ATU septic tanks are almost double a standard septic tank) and how much the county is charging for impact fees. MOST OF THESE ITEMS HAVE AN ALLOWANCE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.


What is a stem wall foundation and will I need one?

A stem wall foundation is most often needed in Charlotte County in flood zones. We will know after you get a survey of your lot. Ask your real estate agent what flood zone you are in before purchasing your lot. We find flood zones A & AE need stem walls 9 out of 10 times and zone X usually does not. Depending on the size house you choose, the existing elevation and the required elevation will determine if and how many courses you may need for a stem wall. We will know if a stem wall is needed before you sign a contract.


What does it mean that you build "above & beyond code"?

Examples of how we go beyond the building code are; we install a heat pump in our AC units in Port Charlotte, our poured footers are beyond the prescribed size. All of our custom homes are built to withstand winds of 150mph.


What choices will I have as far as selection of products to go in my home?

We have a large selection of standard products as well as upgrades you may choose for your home. You will be welcome to visit our supplier's showrooms for additional choices.


Does your company have energy efficient options?

We sure do!! We are now able to build a home with "Zero Energy Average Cost" We build all of our houses to meet the "Build Smart" plan from FPL. We also are qualified as an EnergyStar builder. This means we know how to build your home to save you money and energy for all of the years in your home to come. For more details, stop in, call, or e-mail us.


Am I allowed to use my own subcontractor?

Our subcontractors are chosen based on the quality performance they provide us. Prior to the closing on the home we do not allow other subcontractors onto our job site. We cannot assume responsibility for subcontractors other than those approved by Cantin Homes due to our insurance.


What if I like one of the floor plans but I wish to make changes in the floor plan?

Our goal is for you to be happy with your new home. If the changes you want do not cause structural changes (ex. changing a bearing wall or changing the footprint of the house) or the change does not cost us more money (such as additional materials or labor) we will not charge you for the change. So, for example, moving your kitchen or an interior wall will not cost extra.


Are structural changes allowed?

Yes. You are building a custom home. Our floor plans can be used as a starting point to help create your dream home or we can sit down with you and create a home based on your desires. When building a home never before constructed, additional time may be needed for engineering research and approval and truss engineering.


Will I be able to see the progress of my house?

Yes! We invite you to visit your house as construction commences, we must insist however that you let us know you will be visiting in advance as our insurance does not cover non-construction personnel on our construction sites. A company representative will be made available to accompany you and answer your questions.


If I do not live in the area how will I be able to check on my home's progress?

We will keep in contact with you throughout the entire construction process. We can send updates through e-mail with pictures as well as providing access to our construction job list which gives status updates on your schedule. You are also welcome and encouraged to call us with questions and concerns.


I haven't heard of your company, how do I know you are a reputable builder?

Whenever you are considering a builder you should contact the Better Business Bureau , the state Licensing department, and local building association for references as well as being able to contact current and past customers.


If I own a double lot how will it affect the cost of building?

Double lots can affect costs in several ways. You may be required to have extra landscaping to meet code, or you may not be required to provide as much landscaping if you are able to keep enough trees on your second lot. Of course your land clearing cost will go up if we are clearing the second lot. Sod will be required on all cleared land except planting areas, we include sod for the standard sized lot, and the extra will be at your expense. You may save money by not needing as expensive of a septic tank (however your second lot will be unbuildable in the future.)




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